Belt buckles are a necessary part of the men’s clothing décor


It has been said time and time again. Once more, the not yet clichéd statement of fact cannot but help being added to an article all about belt buckles for men. And here it is. Clothes maketh the man. Ever seen an exceptionally well-dressed man and heads turn in the process. Of course you have, but this only happens occasionally. As a distinguished masculine dresser, you do not need to draw attention to yourself.

You have enough confidence and self-assurance as it is. Because the clothes you wear are indicative of who you are as an individual. Even when it comes down to business, you are still a practically-minded dresser. The wool or cotton jacket sits neatly and comfortably across your shoulders, allowing it to square out broadly. You have added a subtle but distinctive touch of class to your cool-mindedness. All you have done is simply fastened the top button.

And that is it. You are ready for work. You’ve squared your toes too, but comfortably and fashionably so. You are still wearing finely polished blacks with sold heels and soles, but brown is back in vogue too. Brown brogues add a touch of austerity, classicity, or nostalgia, depending on your personal taste. Your tweed jacket goes nicely with those brown shoes, also well buffed. And what a collection of cotton shirts you have.

There are mostly smart whites, but you have added plenty of color and stripes to reflect your softer touch. But to smarten up and to keep things solid, and to finish this article, you’ve finished off your personal clothing décor with a solid and square buckle to match your leather switch and smart leather shoes.