Hell hath no fury than a microchip scorned


This is still no mean feat but you’ll be surprised just how many devious creatures are out there who will be trying their luck. Some will have succeeded, but in the end, others will have caught them out and rectified potentially disastrous situations. Like a nuclear bomb going off deliberately, for instance, and we hope this never happens. Today, as you well know, there are terrorist networks spread across the world.

The destruction that some of them have caused is undoubtedly tragic, but think how much worse it could have been if they had the resourcefulness of devious hackers and IT nerds with grudges and axes to grind. They can’t get their hands on these guys because the price has been set far too high in more ways than one. The world’s best information technology technicians and microchip builders are all dutifully collaborating with government networks one way or another but usually with a civic-minded attitude in place.

While they do get paid a pretty price, money is not entirely the option for them. Some of them, would you believe, give freely of their time and advice to online resources such as in which all online resources are opened up freely to the public. So, it’s fair to say that it’s not just tech experts and professional men and women with a vested interest in how microchip technologies work that are visiting these places.

It could be statistically difficult to verify which of the regular online visitors are purely laymen and women. But it’s quite possible that there are guys working hard behind the scenes to block out malevolent specimens whose only cause is to reap and sow destruction. In microchip technology, blocking agents are installed as well.