On names and monograms and birds and bees for kids


Okay, granted, there will be no discussions on the birds and the bees during your child’s first few toddling years on Mother Earth. But there may be quite a few twittering and zipping about in your garden outside of her nursery room window. Monogram the birds and the bees in your child’s brand new nursery. Place colorful caricatures of the little garden creatures hand-painted on your kid’s nursery room wall.

Let her see her immediate world right in her very own bedroom. If you are an aunty or an uncle, you too can join in the kid’s first formative months. Gift her with monogrammed baby gifts as small mementos to mark the occasion of your brother or sister’s new arrival. Mums and dads can even bless her heart with her first organogram of sorts. This can be the child’s family tree. How about that? Just one idea to spark your imagination with.

It is all up to you. You can be as creative and imaginative as you can be while she’s still putting together her first few thoughts. And on second thoughts, why not have a conversation about the birds and the bees. Alongside the kid’s monograms and wall art works, place a good bookshelf near her bed. Introduce her to the whizzy world of books and birds, we mean to say, books and words. A book or two with birds and bees in it will be a charming idea to start off with.

There are names and monograms, and hand painted pictures. There’s canvas art to add some sophistication to your child’s early life. Metal wall plaques of the child’s first heroes can also be placed up on the wall. And do not forget to place mounted frames of mum and dad on the little one’s new bookshelf.